Terms and Conditions – Fiesta Ligera

    • Hours start when you acquire access to the premises, hours end when cleaning is done and the last person leaves the premises.
    • If capacity is breached a fee of 350MXN will be charged to the credit card. Charge is doubled for every 30 person increment over capacity. (1-30ppl over capacity is 350MXN)(30-60ppl over capacity the charge is 700MXN)
    • Music is allowed on the beach and must end at midnight
    • All events end at 300am which includes all cleaning.
    • No alcohol is permitted.
    • (Delete this?) Excessive drinking is not permitted. If any member is deemed disrespectful or intoxicated by the hostess, the contract is void and all parties will leave the premises.
    • A 50% deposit necessary to reserve. Final payment due upon arrival. A credit card print is required. The credit card will stay open for 24hrs after the event to review inventory and damages. You will be contacted about extra charges or damages.

This package includes:

  1.  The main house with kitchen, bathroom and audiovisual service.
  2. The BBQ
  3. The rooftop terrace with view of the sea
  4. Coffee Break (café, té y galletas)
  5. Access to the beach

The package does NOT include:

  1. The private rooms
  2. The private bathroom
  3. The garden
  4. The jacuzzi